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192-Hour Virtual Hackathon

June 23 – 30

+ 11-City Launch Event Inside Microsoft Stores

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We Hack Too is an 8-day (192 hours) virtual hackathon. It includes a FREE 1-day launch event inside select Microsoft stores across 11 cities. The 1-day launch event is a Business Development & Design Incubator. Girls ages 8~13 attend coding and gaming workshops. High school and college level women work in teams to design products and develop business strategies. Participants receive mentoring as well pitch their products and business models to industry leaders. It’s a dynamic opportunity for young girls and women to engage, learn and grow in business and product development.


2016 WRAP-UP




1st Place: Sharon

Team: Katherine Mohr , Chelsea Lo and Erin Smith

Sharon is an automated SMS messaging robot that allows users within the same zipcode to discuss important topics in their community, such as politics and volunteering opportunities, in a safe and anonymous way. Sharon responds to keyword texts like these by providing website links that help the user create chat rooms, petitions, or polls online. Then, the user sends their creation’s link back to Sharon, who then sends it out to everyone in their zip code. Further, Sharon responds to the keyword “call” by providing the user with information about their senators and representative so that they have the ability to contact their local politician and create changes in their community, inspired by the conversations that take place.

Runner-up: Charity on Top

Team: Katia Villevald, Hannah Yan and Vivian Auduon

Charity On Top, helps connect individuals with local businesses that offer charity deals. Charity On Top, tracks the individual’s location and helps locate nearby do-good businesses around them. Individuals can also look up businesses based on the product or service they are looking for, or look up a certain cause that they are particularly passionate about, and the application will provide them with nearby businesses that provide said services or products, or are partnered with said charities.

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We Hack Too

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